Take a deeper dive into my work history, education, and military service. Learn more about my core values and what I like to do for fun.

Work History

Mylio 2021 - Present

UX Manager

Spearheading the full UX overhaul of Mylio Photos after completing a full company rebrand, redoing the entire product UI, and developing a new component library and style guide. This transformation is being driven by UX best practices and rigorous user testing.

Moonshot / PacteraEdge 2017 - 2020

UX Lead & Creative Technologist

I specialized in UX/UI design using the most cutting edge and latest technologies while using design thinking and design sprints to solve client problems.

Meredith / Allrecipes 2014 - 2017

Lead UX Product Designer

Headed the design strategy and responsive website redesign of 19 international recipe websites serving 24 countries in 12 different languages.

Expedia 2013 - 2014

Contracted Senior UI/UX Designer

I was part of a design team responsible for the redesign of Expedia's entire hotelier system.

Doodlekit 2004 - 2020


I custom designed and coded a complete subscription-based CMS tool and online website builder.

BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City 2004 - 2006

Senior Front-End Designer & Developer

I was responsible for both designing and coding complex user interfaces for advanced applications and systems.

Sprint 2000 - 2004

Team Lead / Senior Front-End Designer & Developer

I was a team lead and senior web designer/developer that designed advanced and complex UI interfaces centered around map based geographic software.

TekSystems 1997 - 2000

Consultant Manager / Senior Front-End Designer & Developer

I was part of a small team of consultants given additional responsibilities of screening potential hires and managing 30+ other contractors and their relationships with our clients while being a contractor myself.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners 1995 - 1997

Web Master

I was responsible for designing and coding the first NAIC website to handle data purchases and information requests.

Nielsen Norman Group UX Certificate (Specializing in UX Management)

UX Certificate
Specializing in UX Management

Nielsen Norman Group
Issued May 2021
Credential ID 1046591


University of Central Missouri


University of Central Missouri

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Major 1: Computer Information Systems
  • Major 2: Business Management

Webster University

  • Masters in Information Technology
  • Studied for two years

Military Service

Veteran USMC

United States Marine Corps

  • 8 years of service.
  • Honorably Discharged Sergeant (E5)
  • Section Leader for Military Intelligence & Operations (S2/S3)
  • Served one tour in Saudi Arabia & Kuwait (Desert Shield/Storm)

Core Values

Below are a few of the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles I like to follow as a UX/UI Designer. These design values stay with me even as technology, people, and the world changes. ‍

Embrace Wonder

Open yourself up to the awesomely mysterious, unfamiliar, and beautiful opportunities that come with every project.

Practice Empathy

Look at the world from different perspectives. Imagine yourself in the context of other people and what they feel.

Be Fast & Furious

Multiple iterations at a quick pace allow for better, faster, and more productive learning experiences with less attachments.

Be Brave

The biggest rewards come from risky ideas. Don’t be afraid to offer up the crazy, abnormal, and adventurous.

Strive To Delight

Exceed people's expectations. Create an emotional attachment that inspires loyalty and admiration.

Win Together

When the team wins, you win. Be empathetic and supportive of each other. Success comes from good collaboration and shared goals.

Always Learning

UX Design Books

Never stop learning. I am a tinkerer by nature and enjoy reading books and articles about new UX trends and design technologies. I often stay up late testing out new things I have learned to see if I can implement them into my work.

I also enjoy attending meetups, seminars, and conferences about these subjects. At one of my favorite annual conferences I attend, I was actually interviewed by An Event Apart and published on their website!

When I'm Not UXing...

Animated Beard Fun With My Family

When I'm Not UXing...

When I'm off the job, I like to hang with my family and friends. I love the great oudoors and find myself doing a lot of biking, skiing, and hiking. I'm into CrossFit, physical fitness, and trying to stay healthy.

Heath Huffman
UX/UI Designer & Creative Technologist