Full Stack, UX/UI/Product Designer, Creative Technologist


My name is Heath Huffman and I'm a full-stack UX/UI/Product Designer with over 30 years of experience. I do everything from user research, testing, and wireframing to component libraries, information architecture, and UI design. I specialize in Design Systems, Advanced Prototyping, and Visual Design.

Be sure to check out my portfolio for example use cases of my work and the processes I followed to complete them.

Primary Skills

I have a vast collection of skills from my many years of working in the UX/UI industry. Below are some of my strongest skills I bring to a design team and/or organization: ‍

Visual Design

I have a deep understanding of all aspects of visual design including brand, mood boards, style tiles, style guides, logos, iconography, typography, animation, and UI best practices.

Interaction Design

Beyond visual design, it is critical to observe and understand how users interact with your product. Can they do what they want, when they want, quickly and easily? I specialize in intuitive products, flows, & navigation.

Design Technologist { Unicorn }

Yes, I am a unicorn. I both design and code my own websites and apps. I can build advanced prototypes for user testing that go beyond the limitations of vector-based tools like Figma, Sketch, or Invision.

Design Systems

I use atomic design principles to create component libraries in tools such as Figma and Sketch. I can create living style guides and matching coded components through tools like Pattern Lab.

Rapid Prototyping

I am a master prototyper skilled not only in Figma, Sketch and InVision prototyping, but also in rapid prototyping using HTML/CSS/JS with other tools like Pattern Lab.

Exploration & Experimentation

I excel at learning how to design in new technologies and have created designs and prototypes for AI, VR, AR, Chat Bots, and Voice Conversation technologies.

Design Process

Lately I have been using the FUEL Methodology by Moonshot as my design process for doing design sprints. It is very similar to the double diamond technique popular in many other design shops. FUEL combines the outcomes of Design Thinking and Lean Innovation to accelerate the growth of customer-centric businesses.

I am also comfortable doing design through Lean UX with Agile. I can do Scrum and/or Kanban through tools like Jira or Trello. If necessary, I can attend development planning and grooming sessions.

The FUEL Methodology by Moonshot


I have been designing loveable and delightful user experiences for over years in all aspect of website and application development from start to finish. I have done evertything from product design, information architecture, advanced prototyping, user research, user testing, design systems, SEO, and Ad Integration to visual interface coding and front-end development.

I am an entrepreneur and innovator who created one of the first ever successful online website building tools called Doodlekit back in 2004. It has been featured in publications such as Tech Crunch, PC Magazine, PC World, AOL, and An Event Apart. In 2016 Doodlekit was awarded International Small Business Of The Year by the Kansas City Chamber Of Commerce after reaching 100 million users from 190 different countries. ‍

I have a vastly diverse and extensive knowledge base that spans across several different industries. I have worked in content management, website hosting, consulting, sales, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, travel, consumer product goods, recipes, express delivery services, military, and more.